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SUBDUCTION named a staff pick by The Paris Review

SUBDUCTION is a staff pick in The Paris Review. It’s a real joy in a hard time thanks to West Coast editor Christian Kiefer, who read my novel like a writer and valued my book’s explorations. I have *always* wanted to be part of The Paris Review.

I’ll be frank. With more than a third of my 35 event tour cancelled, one third deferred and the last third in limbo, I have been feeling like a fraction of myself. I spent a year planning those panels, readings, performances, signings, conversations, engagements…planning to be present, to converse in person, which is what I do best.

But this is a bright moment, and so I want to honor the generosity of another writer who made space for me in a fraught season. It satisfies my heart and gives me a deep gladness that my book has been seen for its complexity. What a gift to be listed alongside Carl Phillips, Rosalía, Ina Garten and Fred Hersch.

You can buy SUBDUCTION by clicking on the cover image below.




Writing and Teaching: A Philosophy

I regularly teach creative writing at Hugo House, a nonprofit literary hub in Seattle, and the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference held by Centrum, a nonprofit arts center. But I began teaching at the University of Washington, spending three quarters as an instructor of English 131, a first-year student composition class, and two quarters as an intern for English 484, an advanced prose class.

I have been surprised by how much teaching has helped me clarify and deepen my relationship to the written word.  As part of the UW English Department’s teacher training, I took a pedagogy class with Expository Writing Program Director and Professor Anis Bawarshi, who encouraged me to develop my teaching philosophy website.  In it, I describe why writing matters to me.  While that subject is far too complex to address in this blog post — perhaps Jhumpa Lahiri can help —  here’s one element that I share with my students:

Why does writing matter?  Writing teaches us to understand the world around us.  In turn, it helps us to be understood by others.

In that quote, you can see my great hope.  I explain my teaching philosophy here.


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