Subduction: My Debut Novel



My debut novel Subduction is a lyric retelling of the troubled history of encounter in the Americas. Subduction is forthcoming from Red Hen Press in spring 2020.

A modern love story between an anthropologist and a hoarder’s son, Subduction begins when anthropologist Claudia Ranks embarks on fieldwork in an old whaling village on the wild Pacific coast. Reeling from her husband’s adultery with her sister, Claudia fails to maintain ethical boundaries and begins an affair with Peter Beck, an underwater welder and the prodigal son of her best informant.

Also told through Peter, Subduction chronicles his attempts to cope with his mother’s dementia and hoarding. Peter gives Claudia access with the hopes she will unravel the long-held mystery of his father’s murder. Claudia discovers the plan behind the hoard and forever changes his family.

That’s what happens, but it is truer that my novel is about the lies we tell ourselves so we don’t have to change.

Excerpts from Subduction have appeared in City Arts Magazine, Pacifica Literary Review, Jack Straw Writers Anthology and Shake the Tree, Vol. II. Listen to a brief interview and an excerpt here.

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