Finalist for two International Latino Book Awards

In which I share that SUBDUCTION is a finalist for two International Latino Book Awards for best novel and best first book. Estoy tan agradecida. Finalists in other categories include Marcelo Hernandez Castillo for CHILDREN OF THE LAND, Maria Hinojosa and Jennine Capó Crucet. The prizes will be announced on September 12.

“Books allow us to refine our thought and share it in such a way as to hold in keeping the crosscurrents and ambiguities of being alive. And that is what books do for me. They make me feel more alive.”

In this micropodcast Without Books, I also describe my next project GREAT MOTHER, wherein I find connection with thinkers across history in a continuation of the inquiries I began exploring in SUBDUCTION.

“One of the things that have books have always meant for me is community. To find solace in the comfort of another person’s mind and the danger of their stories, and yet the safety of experiencing those stories through the curation of a book, which allows us to reflect on our own role in the long arc of this nation and our futures as a community of thought.”

Check out the short interview here.